Artist Statement

The art I make represents the byroad of my Southern upbringing with my love for storytelling and photography. I use mixed media collage to examine themes of southern culture, home, childhood play, and identity. My creative process involves a variety of techniques: encaustic, layered paper, running paint, text, stenciling and image transferring, all enhanced by fabrics and other materials assembled in layers stirring nostalgia and sentiment. Discarded materials carry a sense of wonder and curiosity with their unnoticed imperfections of stains, scratches, torn edges and peeling layers that seem to leave behind traces of human characteristics, marks that are often taken for granted.


After becoming a mother, children naturally became part of my imagery, as they are an intrinsic part of my life. Unlike traditional family portraits that gloss over the daily struggles of motherhood, I began taking pictures of my children doing ordinary, child-like things. In some images they are angry or dirty, in others, they are dressed up, pouting, or dancing. Combining these images with unexpected materials creates new relationships throughout my compositions, where the viewer can project their own experiences and history into the work.


Through my art, I hope to invoke a sense of childhood timelessness and leave enough space for others to fill in a bit of their own story.